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Advice on SARS Tax Debt Management and SARS Debt Relief by H.G Thomson

Once you find yourself behind in your payments or submissions to SARS it is a frightening reality to deal with for various reasons. One is gripped with a sense of failure both in business and in terms of family life. Will I lose my business? Will my spouse divorce me? What will my staff and friends say? What will happen to my children?

My regular accountant can’t help me nor can I necessarily afford legal costs. Even so where will I find an attorney or accountant who understands advanced tax matters? Where will I find the money to pay my SARS debt and by when will SARS expect me to pay? Can and will SARS attach my assets both business and private? Who then can I trust to sort out this debt and tax mess for me?

I can’t keep ignoring SARS sms’ and emails I need to act now but what do I do? Who do I trust? How am I going to get tax clearance to continue to trade? Who can I contact who will definitely understand all my concerns and all the SARS issues?

Who then do I trust with my SARS Tax Debt Management?

At Thomson’s we have answers to all the above questions. Not only do we deal with private cases but also with business and corporate ones too. No case is too small or too big. As a Registered Master Tax Professional I am of the opinion that my experience as a former SARS tax auditor as well as my vast experience in negotiating with SARS on many varied cases places me in a unique position to assist you.

It is seldom that a taxpayer will get the opportunity twice to put forward his proposal to SARS so make sure you choose wisely first time round. I specialise in SARS Tax Debt Management and I am supported by a brilliant team of bookkeepers, accountants and tax specialists in my firm.

I have 29 years experience and am yet to find a case I cannot fix or a case that “surprises” me, I have seen it all. Most cases are complex and require vast skill as well as experience.

Regardless of the Rand amount of debt owing to SARS, any amount owing by you is important to us at Thomson’s. Some cases range from tens of thousands of Rands to those in the Hundreds of Millions of Rands. We are placed in SARS' Top 20 Tax Practitioners. A notable achievement in itself.

Most of my cases come from so-called professionals and it’s sad to see the lack of understanding of the SARS matters as well as the general incompetence being displayed. Much of my work is concentrated on fixing the previous work done and re-opening negotiations with the SARS officials.

Now that we’ve “met” please feel free to call me or email me. I look forward to meeting you and solving your problem.

HG Thomson

Master Tax Professional (SAIT)

Cell 084 900 5562


TDM is the only Vat & Tax Debt Management Company in South Africa. 

Thomson's SARS Vat Debt Relief Help - SARS Tax Debt Relief Help - Business Vat & Tax Debt Rescue - Get Exceptional Results Now - Contact Grant on 084 900 5562 or e-mail

TDM SARS Vat Debt Help - TDM Tax Evasion & Fraud Risk Managers - Centurion - Pretoria - Gauteng - South Africa

As the pioneers of SARS Vat and Tax Debt Management, TDM are the only Tax Debt Management (TDM) Company in South Africa. TDM are a team of 20 consultants based in Centurion, South Africa. TDM is owned and managed by Hedley Grant Thomson, who is a former SARS Auditor and Master Tax Practitioner. TDM's focus is on customer service backed by exceptional skill. TDM believe if they can't help you, chances are you can't be helped.

The TDM Management Team and their Contact Numbers:

HG Thomson - CEO Master Tax Practitioner (SAIT) Former Tax Auditor (SARS Johannesburg) (084 900 5562)


Mujib Ismail - GM (076 253 4393) Burgert Etchells - Snr Consultant (071 678 1536) Mishan Naran - Snr Consultant (072 374 5090) Wikus Kruger - Snr Consultant (078 611 6173) Simone JV Rensburg - Snr Consultant (079 510 7069)

SARS Vat Debt Help by Thomson's - Business Rescue (Vat & Tax) Get Exceptional Results Now - Contact Grant on 084 900 5562 or e-mail